Teachers Supporting Teachers at the time of COVID-19

March 25, 2020
By Christina Cantrill

Educators with experience teaching and learning online have been supporting their colleagues in making thoughtful choices as they begin to work with their learners from a distance during the time of COVID-19. Below are a few of these resources; check back for updates.

Critical and Creative Teaching in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis by the Chippewa River Writing Project

In these unique and unprecedented times, K-12 educators are being tasked with providing experiences for their students that range from “enrichment” activities to fully online, synchronous learning sessions. As we all work through a design and development phase of flexible learning options, we hope to share knowledge, insights, and activities that could be useful for other educators.

This series of weekly webinars will be offered as live, synchronous one-hour Zoom sessions on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM EST, and will be archived for later viewing. Teacher consultants leading these sessions are, like you, working under “stay home, stay safe” orders and are working to engage students in meaningful learning activities.

Teaching Remotely in the Time of Need

A great slide deck by Torrey Trust from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Calling Online Educators: How can we help our colleagues whose courses have already gone or might soon go online?

An hour long Teachers Teaching Teachers hangout (TTT mets weekly on Wednesday at 9pm ET and is run by New York City Writing Project teacher Paul Allison) that you can now listen to and also add to by annotating.

More than “Moving Online”: Critical and Creative Teaching in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

A series of online workshops for educators sponsored by Ed Tech Faculty, Students, and Alumni from Central Michigan University on March 15. The recording, agenda with related slides and a shared resource document are currently available.

Teaching with Care

A crowdsourced document organized by Maha Bali of the American University of Cairo and Mia Zamora of Kean University. (Image source: CC0 by Gordon Johnson. Pixabay)

Teaching in the context of COVID-19

A crowdsourced document organized by Jacqueline Wernimont of Dartmouth College and Cathy N. Davidson of the CUNY Grad Center.