#write2connect and the National Day on Writing

Writing today is the way we most often connect—through texts, status updates, blog posts, and new media compositions. And writing, as ever, continues to be the way we connect our ideas, connect across disciplines, and connect to other writers, thinkers, and makers.

This year, as part of October’s National Day on Writing and in conjunction with Connected Educator Month, the Educator Innovator Network and the National Council of Teachers of English, along with a number of collaborators—Edutopia, National Novel Writing Month, the New York Times Learning Network, Mozilla Webmaker, Common Sense Media and the National Writing Project—are encouraging everyone to take to Twitter to speak out about how writing helps us connect.

On October 21, 2013, add your voice to a National Day on Writing Twitter conversation by using the hashtag #write2connect as you explain the connections writing facilitates for you as a learner, as a parent or guardian, as an educator, and as an author. Add the hashtag #ce13 if you also want to contribute your thoughts on writing to connect to the Connected Educator Month conversation.