Guide to Digital Games and Learning

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KQED’s learning and education technology blog MindShift has long been one of our go-to sources for news about the future of learning. MindShift recently released the Guide to Digital Games and Learning – a comprehensive resource that answers many of the most pressing questions that educators, parents and others have raised around using digital games […]

Systems-Thinking Digital-Design Book Series Now Available

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At the National Writing Project Annual Meeting this week, we’re excited to launch a new book collection for educators interested in design-based thinking with a digital edge. A leading group of designers and educators from the Creativity Labs @ Indiana University, Vanderbilt University, Institute of Play, along with the Digital Youth Network and the National Writing Project, have developed […]

Deconstructing Learning Games: Good vs. Bad

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Learning games have it rough. Non-learning games are designed around a single primary goal: player enjoyment. That can be challenging enough to accomplish, but learning games have two primary goals: enjoyment plus learning. This can feel like a struggle. Often, it seems like learning and fun are diametrically opposed ideas, dooming learning games to be […]

Games-Based Learning Not Only Helps Students, but Teachers Too

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Game designers are incorporating assessment tools into new learning games in ways that are useful for instructional decision-making, without overpowering teachers with irrelevant data.  Last fall, at Robinswood Middle School in Orlando, Florida, 65 students were learning about air pollution. They weren’t learning by textbook or even a video. Rather, they were part of a […]

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By Maureen Kelleher Recent research and innovative school practices show how games—both digital and non-digital—inspire young learners. The secret? Games tap into the power of interest-driven learning. What is the fastest way a teacher can spark students’ curiosity and channel their internal motivation to learn? Make a game of it. Research on how video games […]