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As part of a special series designed for the Letters to the Next President 2.0 project, this kickoff “Media Make” featured educators Janelle Bence and Chris Sloan leading a conversation with students and other teachers about developing and discussing diverse political views in the classroom during a particularly contentious election.

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During the broadcast, the conversation also took place on Twitter using the hashtag #2nextprez.

Guests for this webinar included:

  • Janelle Quintans Bence (host), English facilitator in a blended Humanities class at New Tech High @Coppell in Texas and Teacher Consultant, North Star of Texas Writing Project.
  • Chris Sloan (host), English & Media teacher at Judge Memorial High School in Utah; Ed Psych & Ed Tech (EPET) Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University and Teacher Consultant, Wasatch Range Writing Project.
  • Paul Allison, English Teacher at New Directions Secondary School, Bronx , New York and Tech Liaison for the New York City Writing Project.
  • Dawn Reed, English teacher at Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan, co-director of Red Cedar Writing Project at Michigan State University, and co-author of Research Writing Rewired: Lessons that Ground Students’ Digital Learning (Corwin Literacy 2015).
  • Annelise Wunderlich, Youth Participation Manager, KQED
  • Learner Participants:

Resources for this webinar:

Photo/ KQED Education

#2NextPrez Discussion on Twitter


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