15 Ways to Use The Learning Network This School Year

September 16, 2015
By Educator Innovator

The New York Times Learning Network has compiled a list of 15 ways that teachers, students (of any age), and parents can use their blog—from visual-literacy discussions to resources for frequently taught subjects to interactive news quizzes. The Learning Network wants educators to be successful in creating dialogue and conversations with students this school year, and everything is completely free and accessible without a digital subscription.

Below is an example from the first resource:

“We publish at least one new lesson plan each week of the school year, on topics drawn from front-page news as well as from other sections of The New York Times.

Use them to make connections to current events in your social studies or E.L.A. classroom; incorporate recent research or new Times features into STEM lessons; draw on both Times archival articles and current popular culture to teach literature or history; or teach a cross-curricular skill or strategy via a Times article or feature.

We also post at least one monthly ‘Text to Text’ lesson, in which we pair an often-taught work in history, literature, science or math with a piece from The Times that illuminates it in some way.”

By Katherine Schulten
Photo/ Jason Miczek

Interested in finding out more? Read the full article at The Learning Network.